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Lease Agreement

T his agreement, made this ___day of __________________, 20_____ between _____________, Lessor and_______________, herein called Lessee.

Lessor does hereby agree to grant, demise and let, and Lessee does hereby agree to lease or rent Model Village unit ______, ________ Bald Eagle Dr. ., Marco Island, Florida, with appurtenances, from 3:00 PM on the ____ day of ________20___ to 10:00 AM on the _____ day of___________ __, 20___ for the sum of $_______________ US Dollars. Plus 1 1 % tax in the amount of _______. 0 0 plus a $100.00 Cleaning fee. The renter is also required to pay any condo renters application/ back ground check fee if so required by the condo association).

To be paid in three equal payment of $_____as follows: 1/3 down at the time of signing this lease, which is a non-refundable reservation deposit, 1/3 on _______________and the balance due on 30 days prior to check in.

No phone service is provided. Internet and Cable TV service is available in the unit.. No cleaning of fish is allowed in the condo or laundry room.

It is further agreed by and between the parties that the Lesee shall: Pay a $250.00 security deposit and a $100.00 cleaning fee. The security deposit will be returned at time of departure provided all outstanding charges have been paid, that the premises have been left neat and clean, and there is no damage to the apartment or building.

The lessee agrees to abide by all By-Laws, House Rules, check-in and checkout instructions and other rules and regulations of the Model Village Unit One Inc. condominiums. No smoking, or pets are allowed. No modifications of the unit shall be made without the written consent of the lessor.

The lessee shall be personally responsible for any and all fines, penalties or civil liabilities alleged or implied for not following or abiding by the Model Village By-Laws, House Rules, regulations or those of the State of Florida.

The lessee shall notify the management and register with the building upon their arrival and departure and turn in the necessary arrival and departure forms at the pool building. The lessee will comply with all check in and check out procedures as well as all condo rules, regulations and local and state rules and regulations.

It is further agreed that said premises cannot be sublet or used by any person or persons other than those whose names appear on this lease. The lessee shall provide the lessor or his agent with immediate access to the unit in the case of an emergency or access within 24 hours of notification by the lessor to the lessee by mail, phone or electronic notification for any inspection, showing or service. A violation of any part of this agreement will result in the immediate eviction of the lessee without any civil recourse.

Lease Agreement (continued)

It is further agreed that the Lessor shall give, and the Lessee shall take, possession of said premises on the _____day of __________ at 3:00 PM, and the rent to reserved in the agreement herein provided for shall commence in accordance with and to the conditions laid forth in this agreement for the period of said agreement. Should the lessee choose not to occupy, be evicted or be forced to vacate or leave said premises the lessee is not entitled to any refund whatsoever. Should in the event that the lessor be forced to evict or cause to remove from said premises the lessee, or any agent or guest of the lessee, the lessee shall be responsible for any and all costs, and legal expenses involved in said action or actions. It is further agreed that these presents shall operate as a lease.

Instruction for completion of form :

Tenant, please complete two copies of this form and return both copies along with the US dollar amount specified to ______________________________________________________Once we have received your signed copies along with your checks we will sign, scan and email you a copy of this agreement for your records. All leases are subject to approval of the condo association.

Check in procedures and keys to the unit will be sent certified mail to you two weeks prior to your scheduled check in unless other arrangements are made.

Check's enclosed:

Check Number Amount

Reservation Deposit #1including taxes _____________ $.00

Reservation Deposit #2including taxes _____________ $.00

Reservation Deposit #3including taxes _____________ $.00

Security deposit _____________ $250.00

Cleaning fee _____________ $100.00

*Renters application\background check fee of _____________ $100.00

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto do set their hands


Landlord Name _____________Address____________ City________ State ________Zip

Landlord's Phone Number_________________________________ Email Address__________________________


Landlord's Signature Landlord's Signature


Tenant's Name_______________________ Address____________________ City____________ State_____ Zip________


Tenant's Phone Number _____________________________________E-mail Address _________________________


Tenant's Signature

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